Build finished: Reverse Jazzmaster / Cabronita / Esquire. Now with poll!


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Still needs a thing or two - proper pickup screws, matching backplates - but I couldn't resist showing off some fresh Shoreline Gold:




The whole thing weighs in at just shy of 7.5lbs, which, for a big body like this, pleases me mightily. Plus, I've got another body in the pipe that should be about a half pound lighter. Fiesta (!) Red for that one, but in the meantime, some specs:

  • Alder body, smuggler's/switch cavity under the pickguard
  • Allparts TRO-FAT neck, bone nut, Gotoh keys
  • Fender hardware, neck plate incoming
  • Lollar Jazzmaster pickup
  • Fender/CTS 500k pots, orange drop cap
  • Hack finish/light relic job by yours truly

Pretty sure that's all the important stuff. :BluesBros
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