Build me a classic to hard rock pedal board


For a classic to hard rock enviroment with a Dr.Z Mazerati.

Price limit: $1000 (just pedals, no board, power supplies, cables, etc)

Heres what I will need on my board:

-Versatile Fuzz
-Rhythm overdrive, cranked amp like.. kinda like this:
-lower gain OD to boost my fuzz and/or OD (Some thing capable of adding a bit of hair and compression as well as bass and treble knobs, to obtain a scorching, smooth, lead tones with a rounded off top end)
-EQ (Do it need one?)

I do own a Picture wah, which will remain on my board.

What I have in mind so far is(I know, theres alot of barbers :p):
Barber Trifecta $150
Barber Small Fry $150
Barber Tone Press $150
Barber Barb Eq $150
RC booster? AC booster? BB preamp?
Picture wah $0

Thanks, Maxim


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Try my board. . .

Modded RAt (covers the fuzz stuff for ME)
Keeley BD2 or second Timmy

with a Timmy. . . you really don't need much in the way of an eq. It's actually what my second one is for.

All bases covered.

Your Barber scenario is quite good, though I think you should opt for a low-gainer in there. . . LTD?
fuzz barber trifecta, jack of all trades fuzz.

low gain timmy or ltd either will do and both are great.

rhythm sound lovekraft mojo drive, just got one and it is incredible, tons of different sounds and it especially works well with my mazerati. also check out the chupacabra, it is rat like but could work in exchange for the fuzz.

the barber eq will do but i don't really think you need one.

compressor i would go with the barber tone press.

IMHO barber stuff is top notch especially for the money and i can't get enough of the lovekraft stuff. hope it helps.



I am really digging my Crunch Box for my hard rock rythm and lead needs - I find it to be very "cranked amp like" and can get you into the ballpark of that clip

I use a Zendrive to serve some of my "lower gain" & "boost" needs, although I more often resort to the boost on my Radial Switchbone for solo boosts (what a great extra benefit that boost switch is)

Guitar Josh

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Go with all Barber and trade the RC for an LTD.

Dave doesn't make a wah, so a Picture will do just fine.


Barber Tone Press
Fulltone OCD
Keeley Modded 808 (to goose the OCD into high gain)
Keeley Modded DD-6

That'll do it...along with the pic wah, you're all set

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