Builders - roasted mahogany for acoustic (classical) neck?

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    Oct 6, 2012
    I'm in the process of commissioning a ....well let's say a VERY unusual classical guitar from a builder who normally builds electrics, though he's done a number of steel-stringed acoustics as well.

    He intends to put a truss-rod in there, and while I don't really have a HUGE problem with that, I don't know that I feel it's necessary. Many builders I've talked to use carbon fiber inserts to strengthen the necks on their classical builds. Others online have reported veneer-built necks are highly stable for classical as well.

    I want to broach all of these things with him, but also wanted to come in with an idea around roasted/torrefied mahogany. Apparently cedar becomes very brittle and may not make a good neck material if roasted. Mahogany being the next most-likely candidate seems like a better fit for it.

    So what are your opinions? I don't want to have an argument about truss rod vs. not - I already understand the pros/cons. I want to get opinions on builders who know wood and construction, and how we can get to a highly rigid neck.


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