Building a blues board...what am I missing?


I got some space for a few more pedals...maybe two or three if I kick my wah off the board. Currently, I have a jb crybaby wah into a mini fuzz face into a deja vibe mkII into a boss sd1 into a mad professor silver spring reverb. I was debating between another fuzz, a klone like a centura, and a analog delay. Thoughts?

Klon is hype, I had one... hype, like dumble amps..all hype. Don’t waste your money


tremolo...more useful than you might imagine add epic ness to your solos
Tuner’s always better to be in tune, even if you’re sad
Maybe try a tonebender style fuzz
An Octavia
Multiple Tubescreamers!!!
A hat and A bowling/cabana shirt?


lmao. i would love to hear someone play SRV covers thru a bit-crusher. that would make me really happy. they basically just make insane and awesome and barely controllable noises.

i almost always recommend the MXR distortion 3, cheap as hell, tons of dBs of gain in there... stacks well, plays well with everything... awesome little box for a lead boost or something.

as far as other blues distortions:

*ProCo RAT, can't go wrong with 'em

*stay away from Big Muffs, they are not what you're looking for

*Behringer SuperFuzz, cheaper than dirt, it nails the Yardbirds/Jeff Beck thing, also gets very Hendrixy, also can sound like an amp being destroyed
The boost function is great on the cheapo Behringer Superfuzz giving you another tone option.


All you need is a BD-2, TS-9 and a delay pedal of your choice. Something as simple as playing the blues doesn't need to get complicated and requires more of a heartache to get the notes flowing instead of an overcomplicated pedalboard.


Those who play long blues gigs without at least one different flavor of drive or modulation, don't you think the audience gets tired of hearing the same sounds after a few hours? I get that there is an art in doing the most with the least amount of tools, but lets not kid ourselves; we're not share-cropper Delta bluesmen born in the late 1920s. It's a different era. Not many want to sit through several hours of some middle aged caucasian dude playing repeating SRV licks with his "set and forget" tubescreamer and DRRI. Hell, I've even noticed this with some of the greats. I remember one thing that stood out to me when I saw King Fish play was his tone, while initially great, became effectively grating after hearing the same sounds for a full set. It left the guitar player in me longing for a different tone. Of course aside from that he was absolutely phenomenal, I'd recommend going to see him if you get the chance.

But really, be creative. The spirit of the blues is self-expression in the face of an oppression largely not seen today. There's no sense in limiting yourself to be like the "authentic" bluesmen because that is a thing of the past. None of us are nor will we ever be true bluesmen. Sure, your 3 pedal "minimalist rig" might pick up a few likes in the Show Your Pedalboard thread, but if you can afford to use some more unique tools... do it. Self-imposing some arbitrary traditionalist rule confining you to an SD-1 and tuner is just as dumb as the people who show up to blues jams with the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon at their feet.
“...tired of hearing the same sounds after a few hours”
If so, you’re not doing it right.
Lol. Go tell all of that to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Albert King, BB King...etc.

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