Building a new rig. Rack or board?


So I have just been told I am in a new band as of March which was nice. It's a covers band so need to be fairly versatile. I started to build the rig but I've been offered a live in head case with 6u rack at silly money.
So now I have a dilema. The rig is built around a Budda SD V20 (with an SD18 for backup). I have a stack of pedals at my disposal and was planning on the following line up for a board based system.
Guitar - EP Booster - Rothwell Love Squeeze - 808 - RC Booster - AC Booster - BB Preamp - Amp. Also incorprated into this will be a Lehle 1@3 to switch between amp and acoustic DI.
FX Loop - VP Jnr - M9 (or TC SCF - Demeter Trem - DMM) either way with a tb looper.
Since looking the rack route I can potentially go for an RJM FX Gizmo controlled by a Ground Control running all above pedals but using something like a G Major for delays etc and also squeeze a few more dirt options in the front end.
Any suggestions?


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Yeah but which route to go? Pedals in the rack or keep em on the board?

You have a 6U rack, I would stick them in the rack since you have the space and minimize you board size for portability.

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