Building a PT-Mini; tuner suggestions?


Actually, Brim is building my mini, and I need a tuner. My big board has a TU-2; it works great but I want something slightly smaller.

Turbo Tuner - looks great but kinda pricey $130.00
Korg Pitch Black - looks great, $80.00 on eBay.

I've noticed lots of Korg tuners on those mini boards; anything bad to say about them? I'm only running 5 pedals including the tuner so I have no need for the aux 9v out. If I want more pedals, I'll bring my bigger board.



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There are really only 3 you need to look at:
1. Korg Pitch Black (+-1 cent)
2. Turbo Tuner (+-.02 cent)
3. T.C. Electronics Polytune (+-.5 cent)

The Turbo Tuner is the most accurate. However, they are all plenty accurate. Most ears would not be able to tell the difference. I am not a huge fan of the Turbo Tuner due to it's display, but that is just me. The Polytune is new and has an interesting concept. Don't know much about it otherwise.
All are a bit smaller than the Boss TU-2

Steve Z

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I bit the bullet and bought the Turbo Tuner even though it was more expensive... Wow! It is fantastic. That is one purchase I consider money well spent.

Turbo Tuner -- highly recommended!


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i have the turbo tuner and several others. when i found out the Planet Waves True Strobe Tuner was on sale at M.F. for 39$ i was on it! i got it today and its awesome! metal enclosure. it looks like it has Switchcraft jacks and it tunes perfectly. i think the only thing close is the turbo tuner.


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I had a Peterson on mine for awhile, and a PitchBlack for awhile, but have now settled on a Boss TU-15. I have to mute by cranking down the output of another pedal, but it saved some space for me, and is easy to read in any environment. Had to clip the leads on the speaker in it though. It kept "forgetting" it was in silent mode.

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