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Buy Vypyr or Vox Valvetech ?

I've played the Vypyr but not the Vox. Want this for home/practice.

I've heard a lot of negatives on the vypyr for reliability.

Any opinions on which is the better SS amp ?

OH, And I meant Valvetronix, not Valvetech - Denny Crane
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I got the tube thing covered with a Swart AST Head & Cab. Just too damn loud to get it to sound right in my room !

I did manage to play the Vox today and that sounded great too - I'm tempted to say it sounded better - but I've got to do a little more back & forth before I make that call. The Peavey has got me stalled because of all the forum complaints.


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My wife bought me the 15 watt Viper, she said "here this is smaller and quieter than your black amp (Mesa F50)";)

It's nice little practice amp. I like it. It does not replace my other amp but it good if you just want to plug in and not shake the house apart.

It takes a little while to dial in some good sounds but they are there. The effects are no bad at all. When i do crack it up its a lot closer to a tube amp than most of the modeling amps i have tried.

On the flip side the Vox Valvetronix is also a nice amp with a lot of good tones.

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