Buying First Pedal/Effects Box = ESP Active Pickups SUGGESTIONS FOR A NEWBIE


I'm buying my first pedal, my budget is $600 at most.

I don't know much about pedals or how they work, I know that Line-6 POD is a good investment for many different sounds.

I play a ESP Standard Series Viper Electric Guitar

I have a Marshall MG 100DFX Amp.

I'm wondering what are some good pedals/effects for a metal sounds. I mostly play metal and really like Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kalmah and Dethklok. That is the sound I'm shooting for.

I really like the sound of 80's neoclassical metal, i've heard that sound comes from High Gain.

I have many questions about the different sounds out there. Any suggestions on pedals/effects?

I have ACTIVE PICKUPS, my guitar teacher told me to mention this.

These are a few videos of the sounds I'm going for.


Take that $600 and buy a small tube amp.

You can get a Peavey Classic 30 used for $300. Still leaves $300 for pedals.

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