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Buying first vintage Fender/Gibson

I have decided to cut way back on the number of guitars I own, and limit myself from where I am at the moment. I own a mix of newer Fender/Gibson/PRS and a number of smaller luthier built guitars. I would like to take some of the money and get a couple of vintage guitars. Ideally, a nice vintage Fender and nice vintage Gibson to start. I don't want to spend huge money, so forget the '60's Strats and '50's and '60's Teles. I'd like something original, in really nice condition, original parts, no refins, etc. I am starting with a '60's Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster, probably a Jaguar. My first guitar was an AVRI Jaguar, and I have always like been partial to Jags. I like the post-'65 Jags, as I like the block inlay, but I'm wondering if I should stick to the pre-CBS stuff? I'm likely buying this online, unless I can find one at an upcoming guitar show, so if it doesn't work out, it could be moved along for something else. Or, should I just find a solid vintage dealer, work with them, and pay a bit more for something? Any input appreciated.


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Finding a reputable dealer is never bad advice, but I don't think you absolutely have to go that route.

If you like the bound neck, block inlay Jags, you might look for a late '65 or '66. Really early in the CBS era, so almost like a transition era guitar.

Good luck!

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