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Buying fresh strings... keeping strings fresh...

Trebor Renkluaf

I was hit by a parked car, what's your excuse?
Gold Supporting Member
How do you ensure you are getting fresh strings? If you are buying them in bulk, what do you do to keep them fresh?

I tend to buy them by the box to get a better deal and to ensure I have strings on hand when I need them. I've been using D'Addario for as long as I can remember and really liked when they started with the corrosion resistant bag. However, the past couple of sets I've put on have had corrosion (mostly on the plain strings) right out of the bag. This has happened with more then one box as I have several different gauges on hand for different guitars. This sucks as I'm staring at a couple of boxes of potentially corroded strings. Anybody else experience this with the D'Addario corrosion resistant packaging?

Do you buy them as you need them? Store them in a zip lock bag with silica gel? Any tips, suggestions would be appreciated.

Hugo Da Rosa

Gold Supporting Member
I usually just use a ziplock bag. Been working fine for me. Is that method not fairing well for you?


EB strings are in an airtight bag and its usually puffy, I think the packaging is to ensure it's fresh inside all the time


Senior Member
I had some D'Addarios that I know I bought in the 90's awhile back and forgot about in one of my drawers. Came across them recenly and opened them up and they looked brand new. Of course the pack was hermatically sealed but they felt just like the other brand new ones I've put on my guitars.


I have also noticed a couple sets of D'Addario's that were slightly corroded right out of the bag.

I take a cloth with a bit of bore oil on it and wipe them down before installing them.

Ernie Ball are always good.
Really like their Pure Nickel's
Some packaging (I use DRs) add a metal preservative (to prevent corrosion). My house also is temp controlled, and so it never gets humid, too cold, too hot, etc.


Guitar payer
I just recently had this issue as well, thought it was just me. I'm in the same geo area as the OP too...

I'm going EB next.


Happened to me recently, so the next time I bought a 12 pack I split it with my buddy so we get the good price and don't let them get too old.

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