Buzzing Strings Source?


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A friend asked me to look at a guitar of his. It's an Epiphone. Based on pictures on the web I think it's a "Demon" model. It has various problems, one being that the high E and B strings buzz, when fretted and when open. The action is pretty high on them and the neck looks pretty straight. The bridge saddles look OK to my naked eye. I can't see anything that should be causing them to buzz. Anyone have any suggestions?



If the bridge saddles have too much of a notch for the strings it can kill the tone and / or make for buzzing.
Try muting the problem strings above the nut and below the saddle(s) with a piece of felt or rubber and go from there.
I think this is a string through / V body correct ? Check for buzzing where the strings go through the body also.......the mute(s) should help. The right HZ can make wiring / electronics buzz too so check for that also.

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