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Buzzy frets on my $20 Strat


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I picked up a Bullet Strat over the weekend for $20. Kind of beat, missing a string saddle, output jack needed soldered, etc. I cleaned it up, put a set of saddles on it that I had laying around, and adjusted the truss rod and string height.

I'm now noticing that on all strings except the bass E string, I get buzzing at the 11th and 12th frets. I have the neck set for around .009" relief at the 8th fret, and string height is pretty close to factory spec. (5/64 on the bass, tapering to 4/64 on the treble side at the 12th fret.) I checked for high frets using a credit card, and the only thing I can find is the 10th fret is maybe .001" high on the bass side. It's OK on the treble side.

Is this something that can be fixed by leveling/crowning the frets? I bought this guitar specifically as something to learn repairs on. Aside from the buzzy frets, the neck is quite playable. I don't mind investing in the tools, since I have another guitar that could use a level and crown job, and I would rather not learn on my PRS.


Fretwork is very tedious but well worth it.

I have 3 fret level dress and crowns under my belt now. The first was to one of my beaters. The 2nd and 3rd was for a guy with frets so dented I was questioning if I'd be able to save them but luckily it worked out great. I still have 4 of my own guitars to go. Once you play 1 guitar with the frets done just right and polished you will want all your guitars to play like that one.

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