BYOC Parametric EQ


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I had a Fishman Dual Parametric that was the best sounding preamp for acoustic I owned, then it died :( I went on the hunt for a replacement. The Boss PEQ pedals are good but limited in that you can't adjust Q. All the other parametric pedals have significant limits in either fixed Q or only one band that's parametric. So, the BYOC build looked like the best solution.

The kit: this is an advanced build: small pads close together (you need a sharp soldering iron and good technique, as well as a magnifier to make sure you haven't bridged any pads), and you've got to balance 10 pots on the board and slide the case over them before you can solder them in place. Then they cover the whole back of the board, so double check you haven't any missed or cold solder because going back to fix it will be awful! Next, you need to insulate the pots from the components under them, both to prevent shorting out (you did cut those legs short, right?) and to prevent capacitance with the board causing weird behavior (the mids showed bizarre resonances until I did this, used a little polypropylene foam cut to fit under the pots.

The sound: first off, there's some white noise. It's not terrible, would be fine live, but this won't substitute for a rackmount EQ in the studio. Not sure if that's somehow my fault or just the build. The unit reaches unity gain with the bands at mid and the master at about 2 o'clock, so maybe 12 dB overall gain?

As a parametric EQ, it works as advertised. Shape your sound just the way you want it. Make your acoustics sparkle and thunder, pump the mids to cut thru, turn your guitar into a tinny radio sound, thump away with your bass... It covers 33 hZ to 11 hZ, so for guitar use it does everything one could need. And the overhead seems fine, no tendency to distort with signals that won't distort your amp already. All in all a useful tool if you've got a few days to invest in building it...


Scott at demo'd one for me and it sounded great... It was really cool. One day i'll get around to building one. They sell them already built if anyone is interested... Can't say i noticed any white noise, but he didnt have it super loud either.

I just built the BYOC Mouse and ESV silicon fuzz... both are awesome. I love the BYOC stuff. The only thing that I wasnt really blown away with was the phase royal... I just cant seem to get it as deep and lush as my friends phase 90 or my roland phase II. I may have screwed something up... not sure, I find it cuts bass.

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