Bypass looper for pedals in front and ones in the fx loop ?


Is there a true bypass looper that has 2 signal paths ? What i mean is:

- 1st path is from guitar to the amp, so all pedals you use in front
- 2nd path is from amp fx loop send to fx loop return, so pedals you use in the amp's fx loop

I could use 2 separate loopers but was wondering if there is such a model already ?


You could use one of the loops as a patch point (send to amp input, effects loop send to return), or order a loop strip with breakout jacks inserted at a specific point in the chain. However, I'd still suggest you use separate loop boxes for the in front and fx loop pedals, as running the two chains in the same box (with common ground throughout) can lead to ground loop hum. It is a good idea to power the two groups of pedals separately, for that very reason, and that translates to this situation as well. So get two loop strips and keep them separated (if you connect them to a power supply to run their LED's, make sure that bit is kept separate as well).


I'd use 2 different loopers, hell, I think most people that run pedals in front of a clean amp would benefit from using two different loopers rather than one big one.

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