Cab sim on Quilter Overdrive 200


Pardon my ignorance but this whole concept is new to me.

The DI on the Overdrive 200 isn't getting it done for me. It's super shrill, harsh, and pretty much unusable for me.

I want to use a cab sim but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. I thought about picking up something like one of the new Mesa Cab Clones but with a solid state amp I'm not sure it's the best route. I've seen numerous pedals that do a cab sim but I'm not sure how they interact with amps.

I just want a decent 4x12 sound out of the Overdrive 200. What are my options?


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My favorite way to go is the Suhr Reactive Load IR. Though, if you’re just going direct, you could take the effects send and go into a Mooer Radar and host a 4x12 IR in there. If you want to go the Mooer route and still use your cab, you just need to split the signal from the effects send. One path would go to the Mooer (which would then go to front of house or your DAW) and then the other path would go back into the effects return.


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You may also want to post your questions in the Digital & Modeling Amp section. There are more Quilter amp users there.


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I keep it simple (and inexpensive) by using my Palmer PDI03 Direct Box w/Cab Sim with my Quilter 101 head. I have the head in a BlockDock 12HD cab and velcro'd the passive Palmer box to the back of the cab for the FOH XLR mic cable - easy-peasy, I got an openback 2X12 cab tone to the PA. Elegantly simple and it sound great.

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