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CAB ??: TONAL VARIATIONS OF 112 vs. 212 vs. 2X-112?


For those of you who are familiar or experienced with the use of different types and sizes of external cabs, I've got a general question regarding tonal differences (if any) . . .

Assuming that the incoming amp settings (or signal) is the same, and that the manufacturer, design, impedance and power rating of the installed speaker elements themselves were all the same in each instance, what basic tonal or performance differences (to the ear) would be expected between the following external open-backed cabinet configurations:

1) A single, standard-sized 112

2) A single, oversized (i.e., deep and wide) 212

3) A pair of spatially separated (but not stereo) 112s in series or parallel

Would the difference(s) be notable?

For example, would one or the other be thumpier, with more perceived bottom end? Would one sound bigger or more natural than another? Would the influence of one speaker on the other (in the 212) make a difference? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All!




There must be someone out there who has played a single (112) and a 212 cab side-by-side with the same amp?

What happened to all the opinionated people out there??


Well, I'll give you some non-scientific observations and recollections of some kinda similar gear. I have two identical Thiele style 1x12 cabs loaded with 200 watt ceramic EV-SRO's. I have a 2x12 non-ported cab of the approximate same general dimensions as the two Thiele cabs sitting side by side. The 2x12 seems to have a little bit more 'whoomp' or low end mid gut kick to it. I attribute that to the physical coupling of two drivers sharing the same box and having a stiff (ie, non ported/vented) container of air behind them. The 1x12's also seem much more directional, bordering on 'beamy'. Both cabs need to be turned up a bit to feel right - and both feel kinda 'boxy' below gig volumes.
I also have a pair of sealed back oversized 1x12 cabs (12 x 18 x 24) that I built that are loaded with Scumback 65 watt (HP) 55Hz Heavy (H) magnet speakers. I prefer these cabs as my main rig cabs most of the time. I realize that these cabs and speakers have no similarity to the others, I'm just telling you what my subjective reaction is to the bigger cab. I think the bigger cab is less stiff behind the speaker (ie more air, bigger cushion) and I think the nature of a Celestion style speaker is that of more coloration/distortion of the sound *intentionally* to get a particular kind of sound. For what I do/play, I like that kinda sound better on overdriven guitars. I generally use the SRO cabs for clean stuff, or as wet cabs in a wet-dry-wet rig.

Anyhow, there you go. Hope thats semi helpful...

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