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I just ordered a Morgan RCA35 with reverb, and I have a cabinet question. I have a Victory Amps 2x12 at home; it is closed-backed and loaded with V30s that I use with a high-gain Victory Kraken. Morgan's 2x12 is open-backed, and either loaded with Creambacks or one Creamback and one Celestion Gold.

My question: what compromises/differences, if any, will I encounter running my current Victory cab with the RCA35 instead of buying the matching Morgan cab? I am not adverse to buying the Morgan if I'm really going to be using the wrong tool for the job. I'll run the head into my existing cab when I get it delivered, but I won't know what I'm missing...


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Closed back has less sound spread, is more focused, has more bass response and tighter speaker control. They're more directional.
Open back has better sound spread, but is less focused in the line of fire. Bass response is lessened and the speakers yield a looser less stiff response.

V30s are very upper mid prominent, very efficient, very present, and very tight. I happen to love them, but they aren't a warm speaker and they are not a forgiving one. In comparison, the cream backs or creamback/gold combo will sound quite different. That speaker compliment will be warmer and have a sweeter top end. The dynamics will be looser, less control over the low end, and the sound will be a bit more blurred (though warmer) when pushed. The V30 takes a beating before it breaks up, and it provides a gritty texture that doesn't really loose definition. The creamback and gold break up easier and have less definition, but develop a natural grind that blurs the midrange and contributes to a nice dynamic feel.

There are 2 different sounds and 2 different approaches and there is no right answer. They're just different. Compared to your closed back V30 loaded 2x12, the open back Moran cab will have the more open, better sound spread, looser, more blurred yet more dynamic sound. Less tight, but also less stiff. It depends on what you want out of it. They're both good speaker compliments, IMO. Vox people would typically lean towards something like the Morgan cab, but I personally enjoy V30s with Vox type circuits. To each their own.


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Try the new amp with what you have, then decide. Lots of alternative cabs out there to the Morgan cab, although it looks to be fine

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