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Cable management - whats your take?


over the years my cable management has evolved to owning/using one 20ft cable and repairing it when I need to.
It's now about 19ft long.
i just chuck it wherever.
I'm notoriously extremely hard on equipment, yet somehow I've managed to keep and USE the same 20ft yellow diamond Spectraflex guitar cable for 32 years...
Now THAT'S quality!

Eh, I remember taking it back to the store where i bought it the very last month of the 25yr warranty because i *thought* it was goung bad...but it was the amp's input jack.


Silver Supporting Member
I've got a couple of these stuck to the underside of my desk. Good for headphones and cables, and keeps things handy:

I wonder why we can't post links easily anymore? I had to do a link yesterday and the only way I could do it was to add a link to text.

Totally Bored

In the 80’s I stole a bunch of milk crates behind a few Delis and grocery stores. I throw all my cables go in them. I’ve got a lot of cables still from my recording studio days


I like to have them in view for quick reference. I built a stand for components and a platform for a speaker in the corner of our studio out of dimensional lumber that I painted black. The 2x4's that hold the 4 corners have a bunch of spent drumsticks placed in pilot holes as hangars.
I have 3 right now and will likely add as I go because this works.

Drummers break stuff and I make utility out of the carnage.

My function is -
- organized and hung for quick access.
- in plain sight because I hate this to be a tedious point of access: this kills set up time.
- off of floor to avoid damage.
- not laying on top of each other - again; this is an organize/access point.

Nothing ticks me off more than thwarting progress with setup. It kills ideas and progress.

John Quinn

For me it's always been to foster and encourage a sense of independence while staying true to being part of a team. I like to encourage and reward rather than punish. I also do a annual peer review and occasional team meetings.

With Cables you say?

Alan Wolf

Silver Supporting Member
This is a tangent. Aimed at home players, that may not have a background that has exposed them to this:

Coaxial cables, which almost all guitar cables are, need to be coiled so that they lay in a nice circle. This is done (as an earlier post mentioned) by “rolling” the cable (usually between the thumb and a finger) each time a wrap is made. This isn’t done to just make a neater looking coiled cable. It keeps the concentric layers in the coax from twisting against each other. Anyone that has roadied, (or done their own load ins, etc.) gets good enough at this that it’s automatic.

This pretty much keeps cables from kinking, etc. more than any other action. They lie flatter on the ground, etc.


I'm basically that guy @Fatboy666 described earlier that cares way too much about cable management, and yes, I consider this cable MANAGEMENT, and not simply storage. It's just a different kind of cable management. If you're reading this thread, you're probably also a little like that guy.

I have a separate set of cables just for gigging that I keep rolled and velcro'd in my gig bag. At home in my music room I have an Ikea Kallax shelf with 8 sections. Each section has either an Ikea box or a milk crate in it with the exception of one that is full of vinyls. My turntable and stereo are setup on top of this shelf. Milk crates fit these shelves perfectly.

One of the crates is dedicated to pedalboard related cables - 1/4", 2.1mm pedal power & right angled midi. I have a small plastic box for each type to keep them easily separated. If I need to work on a pedalboard I can just grab this milk crate.

Then I have a crate dedicated to all other 1/4" instrument cables, another for XLRs, another for old wall warts & IEC cables, and finally one that is for miscellaneous computer/USB/ipod type cables. I separate all these miscellaneous cables with Ziploc freezer bags.

For most cables I have the velcro wrap on them. For the wall warts and other cables that I might not use as often I'll wrap and secure them with painters tape. I wrap the tape around sticky-side-out a few times and then flip it over and cover the sticky stuff. This stops the cables from getting sticky from the tape glue. If I need to use one of these I just cut the tape off with scissors and replace it later.

I also do the rolling cable method already described earlier for all of my cables. If you don't already do this, you need to try it. Over time your cables won't kink anymore, and you won't even think about it while you're doing it. You will become neurotic about it though. :banana

Honestly, I would prefer a simpler setup more like a studio, with hooks on the wall and everything in full view, but I have kids, so things need to be kept safely out of sight. :jo

Terry Hoffman

Somehow, mysteriously, I have amassed enough cables that storing them in some useful manner became important enough that I came up with this:

View media item 248423
Pant hangers seem to work well but I am sure some you have come up with even more clever ideas. How does everyone else manage their cable assets?

Not a bad idea but, I transport in a bag, don't think this would help.


I have a metal wire storage shelf like you see everywhere nowadays and I bought shower curtain hangers to hang off the rails and underside of shelves. Keeps everything organized and separate.


Active Member
Velcro cable ties when I'm not too lazy and stuff them into the back of my Fender Combo Amp.
My wife will grab the stuff and put them into ziplock bags and put them who knows where if I don't watch out.


What no milk crate show up in this thread?

I can make no claim to excellent organization. However, wrapped cables hanging on a drum spur stuck between amp head and speaker cab is one method.
Roll up and insert into cardboard tubes [ paper towel tube or toilet paper tube ] write length / type of cable on the tube with a Sharpie


Clouds yell at me
Gold Supporting Member
I have a hook I hang a few from, as a working set I can access easily. Others I keep in a storage bin that aren't too hard to get to if I need them.


Silver Supporting Member
That must be a huge footstool!
It's probably 3 feet across and 2 1/2 foot in height. Holds a ton of cables and all my guitar straps just fine. Granted they are all coiled and wrapped to save space and I keep the straps folded.

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