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Cables... best bang for the buck?

Sir M

I just finished building and buying my amp and fx rig... I'm gonna be needing a lot of cables. Who is the best value for a professional guitar rig?


I have been using the solderless cables from Lava for over 6 months now and they have been great. No problems with them at all. They seem better to me than the George Ls I had.


Senior Member
i've thought of trying out Lava, but i just can't justify spending that much on cables (again....) i like my george L's and dont really have any issues with them. they can be a bit bright with some guitars, but i like how easy they are to make and the little booties that go on the ends to prevent scraping and chipping. You can go with any high quality cable, i personally think George L's is pretty good (and you might be able to buy RA ends cheap on the emporium if everyone gets the GAS and buys the Lava stuff :D )


I use george Ls for my pedal board. Been on there for about 6 years now. Play out every week and have had no issues. If I change things around, I always check that none of the caps have loosened. But if you keep your board pretty much the same and don't change pedals all of the time, they hold fine and I think they sound fine as well. For guitar cables, I used geo. L's as well for quite a while but I have had issues with shorting now and then and I believe that it is due to the solderless ends as plugging and unplugging all of the time can compromise the contacts so, I bought 2 monster cables which seem bullet proof and tough for consistent stage use. They sound the same as my geo. L's as well. I am going to take my GL cables and solder ends on to them to use them as backups or my jam chords as they are smaller and a bit more flexible. But I do like the beefyness of the monsters.


I resisted spending the money on Lava cables for a very long time. Finally bit the bullet last year. Best move I 've made. They really made a difference to me.


The George L's are great plugs but the thinner wires bunch up and tangle from my experience. I just got a Monster Cable and a bunch of Hosa 1' plugs from Best Buy. They're pretty good, I also like the beefy-ness of the Monsters. Watever you do, try to get thick wires, really dig them and they're easier to wind and coil.


Gotta give my 2-cents for DEATH VALLEY CABLES. I've been VERY impressed with their sound and construction. Their site offers lots of info, and no BS. Please check 'em out.:dude
I was just about to post a similar question.

It seems like most people are just naming what they believe is "the best" but the price seems outrageous on some of these. Surely there is a nice happy medium between ultra high end ($) and those cheap crappy ones you can buy 8 for $10. What is the best "bang for the buck" (read really good quality without the exorbitant price tag)?


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