"CAE" Strat made by AXL in China?

Hey guys. I've decided to try to place a year on my Squier, and am having quite a bit of trouble. I think it's made by AXL in China for the Asian market (learned via google-search). Any ideas? -It looks like the current model of Standard Strat (with the little headstock and the big "Squier" with the little "by Fender"), but it's obviously not new. The pickguard is a really faded yellowish-brown that used to be white. -It's got a six screw block-plate tremelo (not the two point fulcrum one) -The serial # is CAE-0020800172... and it's a sticker (?!) -It's the standard body thickness (not an Affinity) -It's really solid, really feels quality made. (feels and sounds better than my uncle's MIM). I'm totally stumped as to the year. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
OK, so although it seems that no one is interested, I thought I'd share what I found.

It's a Squier SE-100, and from what I could find it's pretty much impossible to get an exact year for them. Given the model and that it looks pretty aged, I'm guessing it's from the early to mid 90s, but more specific than that is impossible to tell.


Hi, welcome to the board :) I don't know much about these guitars - except that some of them can really be pretty decent sounding. Nice tint on the pickguard :)

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