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CAE wah owners...


A few questions, how are you attaching it to your board? The white rubber around the baseplate, I read that it was a problem. Does a standard metal bottom fit? Will a Stagetrix mount work on the existing plate? Other solutions?
I don’t have one, I have an Rmc picture wah and was thinking of getting this or maybe a Bmc or Rmc10 for a second board or maybe my big board, the pic is great but can get hissy with higher gain like Alice In Chains. Does this one stand up to those or will I wish I’d gone up a step? How is the hiss level? I also like a wide sweep with lots of play in the midrange, not so much going wah wah wah if you know what I mean, which the pic is good at. Standard Crybaby’s have a fast throw which I don’t like, is this better?

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