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Cakewalk VS 100....Any opinions??


Hey Everyone!! :)
Well, after using a porta-studio for a few years (Roland VS 2400) I'm now wanting to move into a computer setup. Since all I have at the moment are Windows PCs (desktop-Vista 32bit, Laptop-W7 64bit), I'm Considering a Cakewalk/Sonar VS 100 system, learning and working with the included software (which looks impressive) for awhile, then incorporating Sonar 8.5PE (or the latest version when the time comes) as I get more knowledge under my belt. It appears, and I've read as well, that the VS 100 has a pretty awesome audio interface with it...which can work with Sonar (of course) and most any other DAW software as well...Which would be good if I wanted to move to Cubase or something later on. For $700.00, it looks like a fairly decent deal.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!! :aok

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