Sold Callaham Vintage Tele Model Telecaster Bridge Assembly for Flat-Mount Bigsby Tremolos


I had purchased this for a Telecaster project that never got off the ground. This bridge has been designed to be used with flat-mount Bigsby tremolos (B5 and B50), but from the looks of it you could also use it as a top-loading/toploader bridge or even as a bridge for regular Telecasters (assuming the holes line up correctly). This is the bridge that is used on Creston Guitars with Bigsbys (according to the Callaham website). Includes all mounting hardware and allen wrench. Looking for $120 (includes S&H). PM with any questions. Thanks!

From the Callaham website:
This has been an ongoing project with one of our custom builder clients: Creston Lea of Creston Electric Intstruments. At his request, we have developed a vintage Tele bridge using our existing plate Specialized for Bigsby Use. The rear lip of the bridge is reliefed to accomodate the Bigsby tremolo system, and we include a special set of enhanced saddles that are notched so that the 2 1/8 string spacing of the Telecaster is maintained. The intonation screws are also slotted on their tips to allow for easy installation adjustment. The quality of materials and workmanship in this bridge is substantially better than any other Tele bridge of this type on the market today.


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