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Calling all Small Time Builders!


I'm curious, Who's got a budding pedal company?

If you feel like sharing,
What are you building/selling? Loopers, Clones, Original Circuits?

How's business? Are you per order or do you keep stock?

What's your turn around time, or waiting list?

How many are you selling a month?
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BMF Effects

Great tone made simple.
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Does anyone else work there or do you get to run all those machines by yourself?!?!?
Just me. That way if I make a mistake there's no one there to see it. If you look closely there's a couple of Fat Bastards by my right hand.


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holy crap.... i build stuff.... enough anyways.... i ship about 15 pedals a week (25 on a busy week, 5 on a slow) and build on a 4'x1' desk that i found on the side of the road :D
funny story on the desk.... but yeah. I try to have stock on hand, but do a lot of custom orders, so i order special enclosures for those. its more a hobby for me than a profit margin, so i don't mind not making a profit off the pedals (make a little, just not a lot). Turn around time is a day to build, 3 to get it in the mail for stuff thats standard, and 10-12 days if i have to order parts for it (from paypal to your hand).

mostly build loopers/ab's/some clones/tap tempo/eventide control switches amp switchers and Expression pedals. My clones are reverse engineered, not schematic based, of pedals that i feel are under rated or WAAAAY overpriced for the circuit (ie collectable FF or 3 knob red snappers.... $300?!?!?!).

anyways: no pics of the workspace (i'll get one eventually) but here's my MF page :D



budding :huh

i usually don't keep more than one on hand and give people a 1-2 week waiting period; that way i can give myself a little breathing room... don't keep a waiting list and i send people a payment request just before i ship.

things are great. just enough time to keep up with the rest of life...


I build a bunch of whatever and I make people wait too long. Sorry about that.

Expect sometime April/May-ish.... a new "line" of things will be introduced that I can build quicker so people don't have to wait.
Sorry again about the waiting. That's why I stopped taking orders for the Four Banger, because the wait was getting too much.

And I don't build clones. I have built a few clones of things in the past, but I've given it up. I am much happier building my own designs (which I think are superior anyway).
I'll announce the new stuff in the Manufacturer section when it's ready; expect a couple overdrives, distortions, and fuzzes... and maybe something else too like a delay or reverb or whatever; probably an improved gimmicky Octavia sort of thing too.

And I LOVE to do custom one-offs and problem-solvers. I also do mods and repairs.


Still exist, although I've been in an unproductive, erm, R&D phase for about 9 months. Anyway trying to get out a couple old run/Finishing Experiments units now and then get onto producing some new stuff. Biggest problem lately is I can't stop playing through the new box, either I'm losing it to this overdrive OCD or it's just really good.


this is something I hope to get into if i create any worthwhile circuits during my own DIY quest.


Holy crap!!. It's an audit!!! :hide
haha, i just thought i'd be fun to see how people are doing making pedals in the kitchen or garage!
man the black ltd is my go-to light drive..would love to see some pics of Ronni's space..or anything

once again,i really like this thread idea,hope it catches a little steam..and for the second time ill add:

i should add,no offense to any builder by my comments and the thread title "little builder"..im just taking it as anybody not boss etc...
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I build two different Compressors, An Overdrive and a Clean boost. I only do original circuits. I don't do clones except on special request. I get my kicks with R&D. Copying isn't much fun for me. About 25% of my work is custom, either one of my pedals tweaked or one-off stuff.

Business was slowed due to the economy but seems to be bouncing back. The slowdown has given me some time to complete R&D on a new compressor and a tremolo.

I pre-assemble my boards, and assemble, test and burn-in as the orders come in. Others I build to order.

My lead time for standard fare is about 1 week or less. Customs run 3-4 weeks depending in the requirements.

Sorry I'm not going to give sales figures.

I have a part time tech that does some assembly, and my son is my web-master and hopefully a builder once he gets fully trained.

My background in electronics goes back to when I was eight When I got a Radio shack 96in1 electronics kit for Christmas. I have been doing electronics ever since. I built my first Audiophile Amplifier when I was 18. Still use it today. I have recently worked at a blue chip High tech company as a Staff Engineer/Scientist. I have been building pedals since 2002.
i'm currently working on a routing project of my own. a 3 channel parallel mixer for guitar. at this point, it works kind of =). I figure when i'm happy with the design i'll layout a PCB, build a few up and see whose biting.

gotta think of a company name...and a product name at that!

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