Calling Deep Blue Delay users...


Hey gang, just picked up a used one of these and on the whole I am pleased with how it sounds. However, if I dial the delay time past 12 o'clock (couldn't tell you what this is in ms) the repeats seem to take on an audible noise - a distortion if you will. It gets more pronounced the longer the delay time.

Would be interested to know if anyone else's does this or whether mine's faulty?

Thanks in advance.

Orwells Ghost

I've noticed this in the two DBD's I've had, HW and PCB. In fact I've noticed it in just about every PT2399 based delay pedal I've tried. I'm pretty sure those chips are only rated up to 300ms clean repeats after which you'll get some aliasing. The only way to mitigate that is to darken the repeats, but then you lose a lot of the magic.


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Mine is one of the hw originals with the longer delay time. Mine is always set above noon and does not do this even when set at max. I think it's a bad one. Never heard of anyone having this issue till now. Also at noon you should only be around 225 since max is 450 on the newer models.

Windup 43

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I have a clone (Caline) and it does the same thing. But I pretty much only use it in front of already dirty amps, which it excels at compared to other delays I have, so it's been pretty much a non issue in that regard.

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