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calling delay junkies


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I want to buy my first really nice delay pedal soon. I just want one to fatten leads, add some ambience, and things like that. I don't need more than 600ms. I do like the carbon copy's tone a lot, especially for the price, but I'm thinking better and with more options.

What's on my list:
Strymon El Cap
Diamond Quantum Leap

Those are the only two that have really got my attention. I've had a TC nova delay, Analogman ARDX20, and Way Huge Aqua Puss- none of them were what I was really looking for.

I'm into classic rock, indie rock, alternative, etc... basically anything except bands like staind, creed, slipknot, metallica... bands with those kinda vibes.


I'd recommend the Deluxe Memory Man 550TT. It has great tone, tons of options for subdivisions, expression pedal presets, AND it's analog.

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