Calling Thiele cab users...


happy holidays to all,,

I'm needing a 1x12 cab.. always have been interested in the Thiele design.

So here is my question. these cabs are on the small size, which i like.

I always see them on the floor and not on a raised cab stand..

So any one ever tried a Thiele on a cab stand and just on the floor?

interested to know what if any changes in sound happens..



I like them much better up in the air about 3 feet. While mine are actually tuned for JBL E120s, they are only .5 cu/ft difference in physical size.

If you think about it, the Theile ect, isnt really as small as you think it is for 1 speaker.

17.75 x 14.5 x 13.5

Thats equal to a 35.25 x 29 x 13.5 - 4 x 12 cabinet...... Bigger than a Marshall 1960A cabinet

Thats a HUGE cabinet.

My 1966 Marshall JTM45/100 TVB Replica cabinet is 29.4w x 36t, 14d

I also wouldnt run any other speaker than an EV12L through the Thiele cabinet as it can damage the speaker. I had mine made with 3 piece backs and run Celestion Creams, Rawson Sparfield Starfinders, and Red Backs in Semi Open Back. Id get all 100% Baltic Birch.

TRM Cabinets has them.

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I played 2 thieles with EVs for quite some time. Still own one...mainly for “what If “ scenarios.
Those are “hardcore” cabs...lots of noise from a small footprint, ev stay clean up untill the point where eardrums bleed, and their build will probably have them be the last thing on earth next to cockroaches after Armageddon;)

But...they are very directional, which is nice when you need a lot of volume in one spot, but playing clubs or stages where you want to create a good overall sound from the backline....I don’t think they work well for that. Also they are bassy.
I keep mine for the scenario of open air gigs on large stages with crazy an “add on” to an open back combo.


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I sometimes take 2 and stack them/ one on top is wired up and one on bottom is backup / Thiele stand
Looks good , and sometimes I go through both
It is my onstage monitor; I use a Gold Brick to go to mixer
Very flexible


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I got a Mesa Thiele 1X12 with EV200w and Mesa Mini Recto 2X12 with V30s. I love that combination with my Helix and SeymourDuncan PS700.


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I know 3 players in my close vicinity that play 1 or 2 EVM12L Thiele cabs. All of them put it on a table or on a stand, or when gigging on a flight case. One of them has the 3 piece back of which he removed 2 pieces (only kept the upper one with the cable connection), it gives a nice spread on stage.
I sold my Thiele long ago, and I regret, the best 112 ever.
2cts story from a Boomer here/...:

I owned 2x Thiele Mesa 1x12 for years
but they always sound woofy and sterile at the same time ( with EVM12L) .....

until I went full 4x12 ( and still do ),

now I finally got a Kerry Wright 1x12 cab with the OVal Back... O M G
this is a 4x12 sound with a tad more Midrange.

for 1x12: Thiele is cool, Kerry Wright with the Oval back is.... Dream


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thanks,, great info EV's are my favorite speaker ever. I was looking at the Mesa Boogie Thiele with a 90 watt speaker
I recommend looking used for an older one with the EVM12L. It's worth the trouble.
My Mesa Boogie Thiele came with the 90 watt but I replaced it with an EVM 12L and liked it much better.

For a while it was part of my bedroom rig with a Mesa Subway Rocket Reverb and a Rivera Sub 1. As nutty as it was, for a while I took that rig with me to basement jams in West Philadelphia (think Will Smith) that went until 4 in the morning. It was actually a great rig for those sessions.



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I used to gig with two of them with EVMs through a Mesa Quad Preamp and power amp. I liked them, but on stage they were hard to hear and they get much louder in the audience. They were hard to control without pummeling the audience. If I were to use one now, I would stick a Clearsonic in front of it.

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