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Came Clod=se to selling a head....But then...


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I have a Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R head that Iwasn't having much luck with; just couldn't dial in a good tone.
I have 3 -2x12 cabs that I was using and they just weren't doing it.
I actually listed the head for sale fo a while.
Then, in the process of reducing the weightnof gear I have to heft, I purchased a DV Mark DV112 Plus cab. It's a single 12 cab with a neo speaker rated at 150 watts - super light.
I figured I would give the Bad Cat a try with the DV...BINGO!!! Oh man, the cab was the total game changer! Now I'm keeping the head.
I don't know what the magic is but these two together are really a great sounding combination.
I'm so glad I didn't sell the BC. This will definitely be one of my two main rigs.

Just wanted to pass that along...

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