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Can anyone tell me about Heritage Model 525-55B?


I just got this guitar, and I can't find any information about it on the website, or can't seem to locate any one else with this model.

Does anyone know what I have here? The specs? What they sell for new? What they sell for used? I don't even know the value of it since I got it as a trade.

Any help / any info would be appreciated. It looks like a much more custom standard 525. The model is H525-55B




It looks like an H575 to me. The H525 has a plain top, P90s, simple tailpiece, and a tune-o-matic bridge. If it's an H525 it's a custom order or employee build. It has one of the pickups turned around to get the T-Bone Walker out of phase sound. They're not using the "H" tailpiece much now either. What's the serial number? You could post it over at the Heritage Owners Club and see what they think.




Jim Soloway

What's the thickness? The 525 is only 2 1/4 at the rim. A 575 is 2 3/4. If it's 2 1/4, then it's probably a custom order 525 with humbuckers and some upgraded cosmetics. The 525 is shown on their site as stock without a pick guard, so that was probably added. They 525 in general is not a really common guitar and a custom order like this puts it squarely on the rare side. Really cool guitar. You might want to go ask at the Heritage Owners Club for more details. http://www.heritageownersclub.com

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