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Can coiling pickup wire under the pickup change the tone?


Dang Twangler
Silver Supporting Member
I like to preserve the leads on my pickups as much as possible. Often with braided pickups I have stowed a couple of inches of extra lead right there in the pickup cavity, under the pickup, rather than have it creating a mess or shorting things out in the control cavity.

I'm wondering now if doing this with braided wire is a bad idea. Could the braid contact the ends of the pole pieces and short out some of the signal of the pickup, or cause some other unwanted effect?

Keyser Soze

Every inch of unneeded wire does add some capacitance.

But the amount is miniscule, and I doubt it's detectable by ear. But since it is 'real' some may tell you otherwise.

Since it is braided wire, it has a shield, so added noise should not be a concern either.

Contact with the pole pieces is a non-issue, those should be in contact with the baseplate, which is already part of the shield ground.

Go for it.


There's nothing in the pickup rout to short the braid against.

I don't know the capacitance of the usual pickup braid, but 120pF a foot isn't an unreasonable guess. Not a big deal.


Platinum Supporting Member
considering how many hundreds of turns of coil wire you could add or subtract without really changing the tone, a few inches of connection wire isn't gonna matter.

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