Can finishing a fretted fretboard case fret pop?


Picked up a project guitar and the all maple neck needs some work. It's new but a budget guitar. Plans are to do a fret level, crown, buff as well as clean up all the fret ends. The neck itself feels like raw wood with maybe one coat of something on it. If I wanted to finish the neck with some boiled linseed oil or tru-oil (and maybe a little tint for a vintage look), is there any chance of doing damage to the frets from the finishing oils? I read to do very like coats, but I'm sure some will get into the frets and just wanted to make sure they aren't going to pop up.

Also, what order would be best to do these things? Do the finishing first, then fret work or vice versa.



I dont see how.

Pre CBS Fender used to fret their maple boarded necks frost and then finish them.
You had to removed the finish from the frets.

My warmoth neck was the same. I used the Dan erlewine trick of a 10 penny nail with a groove cut in the head to scrape it off. Worked great and was easy


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I would not have the slightest concern finishing with the frets on. I have done it several hundred times in the last 40 years.
Good luck with your project,

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