Can MXR AB Box be used to turn channels on/off on Amp Switcher?


Hello I'm trying to use an MXR AB Box M-196 in an unorthodox manner. I own a Mesa Boogie Hi Gain Amp Switcher which I'm sure most of you know is used to switch between or combine up to four guitar amps/preamps. It has four separate 1/4" TS inputs intended for use with either on/off switch Box or relays using speaker cables.

I don't own footswitch/s intended for this purpose but wanted to see if I could use the MXR AB box which allows you to select or combine two separate guitar amps. What I did was to plug a 1/4" speaker plug into the input of the AB box(leaving other end of speaker cable disconnected. Then using 1/4" TS speaker cables I plugged them into the channel A and B outputs of the AB box and the other ends into Amp Select channels 1 and 2 of the Mesa Hi Gain Amp Switcher. This allows me to switch between two separate amps quietly without noise(ground loops/pops).

The only problem is that the individual LED's on channel's A and B on the AB box now work in reverse(LED on when channel off and LED off when channel is selected)

Is there a way to get the LEDs to operate normally?

Thanks in advance!!

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