Can somebody please identify these resistor values????


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Doing some work on an old guitar pedal and know nothing about this stuff.
I’m in need of a 100k resistor…are any of these 100k? Can any of them be combined to make 100k? All help is much appreciated!
PS- Apologies for the poor picture quality


I'm not sure if these are going from top to bottom. The one on the far right has a brown strip at the top that is hard to see.
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It definitely is a stupid username
The one on the right looks like Brown-Black-Yellow - if so, it should be 100K if I remember correctly.

1 - 0 - (X) 10^4

10 (X) 10000 = 100K


The photo is blocked here at work, so I can't see it...but I agree with all posts that have come in answer to you so far.

In general, an easy thing to remember about combining resistors is that they work just as speakers do in that...

In series you just add the values. So if you had two 50k resistors (not sure if 50k is a real resistor value..I think it is 47k is nearest) and put them in line with the lead of one going to the lead of the next...(think like a freight train) you'd have 100k (or in the real world if I am right that 47K you'd have 94K...close enough?)

IF you put two of the SAME VALUE (this only works if they are the same though....otherwise you have to use formulas) it halves the value.
So if you had two 200K resistors and wired both leads, each side to each other (piggyback them!) you'd have 100K ohms of resistance.

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