Can someone tell me more about the Rivera Rake/Jake?


What are it's cleans like...can they be set to be pretty round and 3D sounding? Can it do a nice tight, crunchy rhythm sound (not muddy)? How about leads...can it do a fluid, smooth lead sound with lots of sustain?

How is the reverb? How does the loop do with time based effects? Does it get along equally well with single coils and humbuckers?


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I had a Jake combo years ago and to my best memory it was awesome! As with most Rivera's the drive channel takes sometime to adjust and get use to can get real fizzy if you are not careful. The clean was great very dimensional, really one of the few amps that could pull of Fender clean and Marshall drive. The Ninja boost was a nice feature but sometimes too much but I believe there is a mod available to control how much boost. Did not use the loop so no idea there, but these were top-shelf models back in the day and can be had pretty reasonably if you can find one..

Good luck if it is in good shape and under $800 I would jump on it..

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