Can the Dimarzio Area 67 replace a Fender CS69 set?


Love the CS69s, always have. Sold a guitar with the Area 58-58-61 set last year after a successful decade with that set. Never tried the Area 67s.

The 69s are divine though lord knows I need boosters to get some thickness but it's hard to replicate that sweet vocal tone and glass as well as that sweet bite. Pedal stacking and boosters lead to noise so I've looked into the Areas.

Also, side question... has anyone who has used the 69s been any happier when they went a little beefier in the bridge? I've thought about it but I am fearful of losing the 2 position notched tone or never having that late 60s bite the way the 69s have after sacrificing for a thicker bridge. Your opinions there would be appreciated as well.


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I compared, with a 20 minute swap between tests. They are super close, with the Area having more extended lows and highs (I won't say scooped). Some height adjustments will fix voicing difference. The only thing I'd say, when moving to boutique amps, I felt I could hears some congestion in the Area, versus true single coil pickups. I think that's simply the nature of noise cancelation pickups. If you can handle the hum, keep the CS69s.

I always recommend the 1/2 blender for a beefier ridge. If you search that in titles you will see a simple diagram I posted in a thread. I prefer HSS, then 1/2 blender, but no matter how thick of a single coil you put in a Strat bridge, it will still have some peakiness IMHO.


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One man's congestion is another man's 'sounds better with even a touch of gain'. I use areas because overall I like their sound/output/response better than I *overall* like any other single. That they don't hum is just icing on the cake.

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