Can the Turbo Tuner do BFTS?

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I can't recall, but does the Sonic Research Turbo Tuner work with the Buzz Fieten Tuning System?


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Not sure about the turbo tuner but Planet Waves is showing a new strobe pedal tuner at NAMM that has BFTS in case the turbo tuner doesn't.


Anyone know what the offsets are? Does string gauge affect them? I'm using 11's. Never mind I found this old post by forum member David Collins.

E: 0
B: +1
G: -2
D: -2
A: -2
E: -2

Then everything intonated to 0 at the 12, except for the G and D intonated +1.

I made a spreadsheet that calculates the BFTS offsets relative to standard non-compensated nut intonation. This is not to imply that standard is perfect across the board or for every setup, but only that be it good or bad, it is a suitable reference to compare other offsets to. This one is based on the plain G electric model of offsets, .030" nut compensation, and a 25.5 scale length. The numbers you see indicate how far and in what direction (sharp or flat) the notes on a BFTS guitar would theoretically lie in relation to standard.


Of course, if all you want to know is how to tune it, the offsets for open strings are in the "nut" column.

Edit: oops - looks like I ran that through based starting from wound G compensation.. I'll fix it shortly...

Edit: All fixed, and calculated for a 24 3/4" Gibson scale now too.

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