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Can Timmy and KOT be friends?


I currently have my Timmy last, with my KOT set to yellow/OD and red/distortion. I'm just finding the KOT yellow/OD to be redundant for stacking, where it is in the chain. I also have a modded TS9DX sandwiched in, which I'm using at low gain for the mids.

Should the KOT maybe go last? Where do you find that you get the most out of your KOT?



Silver Supporting Member
I use the KOT V4>Tim setup. I have the high gain option on the red side. I am using my KOT channels stock the way the pedal ships from Mike. My Tim is set clean and is always on. I stack it with either side of the KOT. I think the two pedals work beautiful together. The dirt on my board is Monsterpiece Ge> KOT> Tim. Those 3 pedals cover all my needs. Occasionally, I will swap the Ge with an AM Astrotone fuzz, but the Ge is really versatile enough to work with both single coils and humbuckers.


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I just got a KOT which replaced my tube screamer and another drive. For the moment I am keeping my Timmy. I think if you use the yellow side as a boost and the Timmy for low gain you put the Timmy first. If you switch those functions and use the Timmy as a boost you put it last. Either way you'd get the benefit of a volume boost for your low gain and high gain settings if that is what you are looking for. Really depends on what you are trying to achieve.


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Yes they can. I owned both for awhile and used them in conjunction with each other. Works either way for stacking.

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