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Can we see some of your partscasters?

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My favorite and only surviving one. It’s an alder body, bloodwood neck & purpleheart fretboard. TV Jones Classic and Classic +. I also commissioned Laura F. Bennett of ZVex fame to paint it. I believe it’s still the only guitar she’s ever painted, though she’s done a few pickguards since. It’s SUCH a great sounding and playing guitar. Here’s a front and back shot from right before it got a headstock decal.

I also have a Ronin Mirari-esque build in the works, incorporating a set of Foilbuckers and following Mirari spec pretty much to a T. Am very excited for that one. Will update w/pics when that’s finally complete... :D


My first build was in 1982...

flower power and gold 2005
aluminum strat 2002
swamp ash 1982
warmoth 1999 solid rosewood boatneck

daphne blue 2005

Dept of Transportation Safety Orange (I call her DOT) 2007

three p-90's 2010
CAR 2018

Bird 2016

US NAVY Blue and Gold 2007

FenderLess 2019


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This is from Warmoth parts. I ordered the body (white korina back with black korina top). It is chambered. The neck I found locally is also a Warmoth with 12"-16" compound radius. The nut is a LSR. Schaller locking tuners. Bournes pots, vintage cloth wiring, and a MannMade bridge. Pickups are SD Greenies. Just enough quack from them to sound good with the chambered body. First photo before gloss finish and when only one PUP was in, but decided I wanted two so.... 42867065_735539700114618_5748327741556523008_o.jpg

This one is also assembled from Warmoth parts. The body was bought finished. It is swamp ash in translucent red and has front and rear contours. Neck is made from bloodwood, and has a compound radius 12"-16". No finish on it. None is ever needed as it is a naturally oily wood. Fingerboard is pure black Ebony with side markers only. Hard to tell but the rear pickup ring is also black ebony. Frets are SS6150. Pickups shown are the Greenies that started here before going to the S type above. Now I have TV Jones Classic and Classic+ PUPS that I prefer so much more on this guitar. Bournes pots, vintage cloth wiring, and a MannMade trem complete the body. These pictures were actually during assembly and parts were just laid in place to get a visual. Played it the last 3 years and still one of my all time favorites. Love TV Jones..... IMG_0437.JPG IMG_0438.JPG IMG_0440.JPG IMG_0432.JPG


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This pic is much more flattering to the guitar than to me, but here goes. About 20 years I wanted a maple-on-mahogany semi-hollow with a Les Paul scale. Warmoth didn't have what I wanted but I heard that one of its employees had left and started a new company, USA Custom Guitars. I called and spoke with Tommy and told him what I was after and he thought it was a cool idea. He called me the next day and told me about a piece of maple he'd just found and how he thought it would be perfect for this guitar. When I told him I was sticking to a budget he told me that he thought it belonged there and might be good karma for his new company, which he'd just opened, so he gave it to me for the price of a plain-jane top. Since I wanted a much tighter neck joint that a typical Tele, Bill Baker put it together and basically did micro-surgery on the neck-to-body joint. I still gig this thing once or twice a week and it always sounds good.


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