can you give me some advice on this partcaster



I have been offered a trade against a jtv variax 69 which i no longer use.

its described thus

"I had the strat build privately using genuine parts,the body is a mexican solid maple but when i had the guitar setup it was found that it was a one off as its one piece of wood,mexican bodys are normally 3 pieces so i think that was just good luck on my part,in the bridge is a dimarzio sd hotrail,middle and neck are jeff beck noiseless,i also have the bridge pup that you can also have,the neck is a SRV signature and is very rare,i wanted to get another one made but couldnt find one online,all the wirering is vintage coated and the pots are top of the range.ive always wanted a variax as i have a pod xt live,pictures attached,there are pics of the guitar with the hotrail but some pics were taken 4 months ago before i had the hotrail installed so the single coil on the bridge will be on them,the bridge is just a standard bridge that is locked down,i never use the trem so theres no arm"

He states neck is official SRV fender neck. Had a hiscox case

What would the value of such a partcaster be. My variax is worth around £525.

any advice would be appreciated


If he means Fender Mexican body I've never heard of a Mexican strat having a maple body. But I'm not an expert on Fenders.

I've never seen a Fender SRV signature strat with an all maple neck.

The pickups are not SD JB pickups, he probably means the Fender noiseless used in the JB signature model.

Clyde Billt

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Fender did do a SRV Lenny that had a maple neck, but I highly doubt that is what that neck is.
The Fender neck didn't have the SRV signature and the "Original Contour Body" decal is in a very weird place.

There have been some MIM Fenders with maple tops/cap on the body but no all maple 1 piece bodies that I'm aware of.

Plenty of good Strats on ebay for 500-600 quid. MIA, MIJ




I'm curious about the stamp in the middle of the headstock; I can't quite make out what it says. The black plastic around the truss rod hole screams MIM Fender. Did Fender ever make a MIM SRV strat?


I would pass, but that's just my skepticism. as for the 1 piece body, it's probably a veneer. also note the 6 holes in the tremolo block are off set with eachother, so it's probably not even a fender bridge.
The rear cut-away on a sunburst shouldn't be completely black, that's usually covering up something.

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