Can you Peter Green a PRS?


I'm looking for a little change of tone for my Custom 22. I think an out of phase middle position would sound cool.

Is it do-able? If so...has anyone done it for themselves?


There are a couple of strikes against the idea -

Unless you have both pickups in humbucking mode in the middle, the sound could get very thin, especially as PRS splits their pickups with the inside coil active. Two single coils right next to each other and out of phase gives a pretty good electric sitar vibe, but not Peter Green.

So much of the Peter Green thing is having separate volume controls for the pickups, too; if you back one pickup off slightly, the tone thickens up because there isn't as much cancellation. A lot of Peter's vocal sounding tones came from this.

Dana Olsen

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Well said Mike. In addition, the scale length adds an "X" factor to the tone equation. Two volume controls is critical, IMHO, for the authentic Peter Green deal.

Might be fun to try though ...

Good Luck, Dana O.


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Given a guitar with two volume and tone controls, would the Modern or '50's wiring scheme be best for blending the OOP tones? Would one result is less signal loss, or more tonal variations?

Pete Galati

wire up a concentric pot on the volume pot position and there you go

Sounds like that'd work. One way or another, you do need separate volume controls to make the whole thing work.

My Hamer Sunburst does a better Peter Green sound than either of my Les Pauls.

I don't know what makes the Hamer better at it. It might be because the two PAFs are the same strength. Or it might be because unlike my Les Pauls, it only has one tone control (using a .015uf cap).

randy alameda

Did the Peter Green P/U thing to my 66 SG std, in 1976, and you'll have 'to pry it from my cold dead hands' ... have to agree with Monstermike as the tweaking of the volume pots really sealed the deal for me, players always ask why I use the middle position all the time .... nuff said!

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