Can't get my Timmy v1 to sound like my old Timmy v2...


I downgraded because I found a Timmy v1 that was much cheaper and reasoned that I didn't use the outside toggle much after I had it set where I wanted it. However, now with the old Timmy, it doesn't seem to sound as good as the new ones, even though they're supposed to be the same circuit. I tried two Tim v1's before and never liked them, and now the same is going on with this Timmy v1. I loved the sound of the Timmy v2 I had though. Nothing else in my setup has changed...maybe the internal dip switches are set differently? I had the Timmy v2 in the middle position for the toggle and the Timmy v1 I have now is with both dip switches down.

Anyone know the exact correspondence between the toggle positions and the internal dip switches?

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