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Hey guys...

I have a Carb pedal that I like a lot. I like low gain rythm type stuff with this pedal into my Spitfire amp. It's time to add another pedal to my collection...How is a Cot50 compared to the Carb? Would this be redundant?

From the description of the Cot50, I like what I hear, although I haven't heard in person other than the clips provided on the site.

By the way, the Matchless Spitfire is a naturally bright amp (relatively) so I wouldn't want an overly bright pedal. I just like some grit to add to the amp.

thanks for any info!


I had a cot50 and loved the way it sounded, but without a volume control, I had to cut it loose. I like a little volume boost when I click on an OD pedal, but the cot50 that I had boosted the volume too much. YMMV.


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The Cot50 is a boost type pedal with an EQ shift that is plexi flavored and works best into an amp that is in mild to mid breakup. It is also dynamic and reacts well to the volume knob. The carb has a sparklely low overdrive flavor with its own thing going on. I don't know if I would say the COT50 has "grit". Both great pedals ( and I'm selling both at this time ) but you may want to try one if you can before you buy. If your jonesing for a lovepedal the Eternity with give you "grit" and a whole bunch more. This all is my humble opinion.

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