Carl Martin Ampster, anyone seen this yet?


The Analogue Alternative.

Carl gets it. He buys into the whole trend of travelling light...and he understands the need to do so. However, with Carl Martin products out there like the Quattro and the Octaswitch, we all know Carl is not a fan of programming or scroll through menus.

Carl is just an old-fashioned analog guy with huge love for the feel and tone of really great analog pedals going straight into a set of tubes....simple, intuitive to use, and the source of monster tone!

So Carl has come up with the Ampster...a 100% analog tube-amp/speaker simulator DI.

As simple to use as your own favorite amp, with the same controls, and a switch to select between an open or closed cab simulator. Add to this an Insert Loop, Mute Switch, Link Out to stage amp and a balanced XLR out to Front of House or a recording console, the Ampster is about as simple to use and as complete as that favourite amp or amp/cab......just tiny.....and light. Of course, the Ampster can be used with your pedal board as well!

We have spent a lot of time with Carl, professional studio engineers, front of house engineers and working pro's on the road in developing the Ampster, and to getting it right.

While you are at NAMM, it would be our pleasure to meet you, introduce you to the Ampster and just talk tone and'll find us at Booth # 4147.



Looks cool and sounds good so far.

I mentioned this in another thread about the Strymon Iridium but I have to do it again here: Mute and Cabinet? Not very useful switching options IMO. Why these pedal board amp sims don't just offer the foot switch options of normal amps instead is beyond me. Something like Channel/Boost/Reverb or even effects loop switching would be infinitely more useful...

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