Carl Martin Plexitone - I Think Its Professionally Voiced

Well I'm not going to claim this pedal will meet all your wishes because I don't think it will. But it might blow you away. Give it a try and let us know!

Oh, I've done the everything on 10 thing MANY times. I absolutely love it. My JMP50 gets SLIGHTLY mushed out on 10, but oh, the power! :love:

But obviously, I can't do this often at home and indeed my Marshall would be too loud at those settings in most gig situations (not all ;)). Hence, the need/want of a good pedal. I'd like for it to be as transparent as possible as I love the natural tone of my amps and don't want them overly colored. Also, I like to play some of the 70's and early '80s classic metal that I cut my teeth on, so I would like to have the ability to add some gain when I feel like it.

So yes, I would like something that I can use at home for these tones as well. Perhaps it can't be done? You're right, there are many builders out there who claim that their designs 'do-it-all' but actually don't. I want to make the right choice.

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