Sold Carl Martin Rock Bug Headphone Guitar Amp and Speaker (traded)Simulator


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*TRADED* Carl Martin Rock Bug Headphone Guitar Amp and Speaker Simulator
Excellent condition. With box, papers. No velcro.
*TRADED* $150 PP shipped to CONUS

Use as headphone practice amp/silent practice tool but still be able to use all your pedals. RCA inputs allow input for mp3/jam tracks, etc. Can use as a direct box for electric guitar (guitar--> Rock Bug --> PA). Also, can run output to mixer or recording device/computer.

-Unbalanced input for guitar, or guitar through pedalboard Unbalanced guitar output or headphone out (600 Ohm)
-Balanced output (200 Ohm) for direct recording or PA use (Not digital audio)
-Aux stereo inputs for MP3, CD or DAT Master output controls the overall and AUX levels
-Guitar volume knob controls the instrument volume in relation to the Master volume
-Speaker Simulation switch for choosing between open and closed back speaker cabinet simulations

Trade interests (+/- as needed):
JHS, Walrus, Earthquaker, Strymon, Wampler, TC Electronic, xotic (BB Preamp)...
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Walrus Audio Descent
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