Sold Carlo Robelli Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Copy Japan 1976

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Here’s a rare opportunity to grab a high-quality Ric 4001 copy which is branded Carlo Robelli (from their pre-Sam Ash days) and built to exacting standards at the Matsumoku factory in 1976.

Like the original, this bass features both a mono and stereo output, a toaster-style neck pickup, a mute adjustment via two thumbscrews on the bridge, and waffle-back tuners. Unlike the original, the neck is a bolt-on – but with a long-tenon construction that is indicative of the care and attention that went into this build. The bass has been strung with a brand new set of GHS Round Wound Medium Light Boomers and comes with a gig bag.

The condition is excellent, with no damage whatever and very, very few dings or abrasions to speak of. The worst cosmetic issue is some light pitting on the metal parts, which is entirely typical of these models. Otherwise it is just plain beautiful, with a top-bound mapleglo body, a smooth (and gorgeous) flamed maple neck, a lacquered rosewood fretboard with no discernible fret wear, and all-original parts.

The action is low and can be adjusted to the player’s individual taste using the saddle assembly, and the double truss rods work exactly as intended. It is imminently playable! The only caveat as of now is that the bridge pickup is somewhat microphonic (just like a real Ric!) but easily tamed and further work will be required to play above the 17th fret on the top (G) string. I’m afraid that overcoming that issue is somewhat above my pay grade.

In all, with its positively ferocious sound, broad sonic palette, and easy playability, this instrument has been reborn as a monster replica of one of the most iconic and beloved basses of all time!

SOLD $775 Shipped and Paypalled to CONUS
Inquire for International Shipping rates

Thanks for looking!
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