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Carol-Ann customer service appreciation


This is just to mention how effecient the customer service at Carol-Ann is. I am currently on the waiting list for one of Alan's amps, and through our correspondence I am comfortable in knowing that I am going to get a wonderful product. I had many questions and each response through email was prompt and thorough. I can't wait for my amp. :AOK

Steve Snider

Silver Supporting Member
Good deal.He must have changed his ways. I had trouble getting responses and follow through, as did my friend Sam Cannon and others but glad to see he's cleaned it up. No other way to do it in my opinion. Your customers are your best advertisements for future sales and keeping up a good rep and providing excellent service through good communication and follow through means a lot to most guys. Way to go Alan!:BEER


On the phone and in our e-mail correspondence, to date, Alan has been very attentive to any and all inquiries. He's been a gentleman and generous with his time. I'm looking forward to a 50W OD2 in a couple/few months.
I'm sorry your experience was less than 'stellar', Steve. I know how that can take the fun & excitement out of things fast.

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