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Carr Amps


Hi everyone i'm new to the site, but I'm currently in the market for a new amp. I play multiple genres of music in live settings, but i focus primarily in the jazz and rock field. That said, I'm looking for an amp that has plenty of headroom sounds good running my pedal board through it, and has a warmer tone to it. I went out and looked at a Carr amp today and was blown away by it. I played on the vieroy model, however after reading about the amps online it seems like I may like the Rambler model a bit better. Has anyone every played on that model and liked what you heard? Other than that, I'm curious to see if anyone else has suggestions on what to check out. This will be the first "nice" amp that I will have owned and it'll need to be a do-it-all amp. The cheaper the better, but Im looking to stay under $1500 preferrably. ideas?
I played one of those at Eddie's Guitars in St. Louis several years ago and was also very impressed. I think it was the Rambler, but don't remember for sure. I would love to try them again, but I live in Seattle... (so, if anyone knows of a shop that carries them in/near Seattle PM me...)


I love the Rambler. It has some of the best clean tones I have ever heard. Great reverb aas well. Also takes pedals great and dirties up real nice. I also owned a Viceroy and for your needs I would recomend the Rambler. You can find good deals for them used and mint in your price range here on TGP and on Ebay. Also, the build quality on all Carr amps is great and they are very reliable. Very quite at idle.

M I K E D.

Gold Supporting Member
the Rambler is a great amp. I gigged one for over 2 years- never an issue. Takes pedals better than any amp I've played as well. Very responsive to tube changes.

Moreover Carr customer service is second to none.

You should be able to find one used in your price range- they pop up in the emporium occasionally.


Since I got my Rambler 1-12 I've had a Victoriette, Victoria Bandmaster, Juke 1210, Maz 18 with reverb, and a Rambler 1-15. Right now my extra amp is a Gries 35 but the Rambler is going nowhere. I really miss the Victoriette however.


I have used a Rambler exclusively for the last 2 years for practicing, light gigging (Jazz and blues) and playing a few sessions. Great little amp, light, and stellar clean sound. In the triode mode, I get some nice fat crunch sounds. As clean pedal platform I have a Zendrive and Timmy in front, which makes cool blues/rock sounds.


I just got a rambler 2 x 12 and I'm in love! It has such a beautiful tone in triode and pentode settings, the triode being a bit thicker and quicker to break up. You can practice in your bedroom (or wherever) with it in triode mode with the volume 1/2 up and still get great tone. The pentode is really chimey without being brittle. Sounds great with humbuckers and especially single coils. I can't tell you how much I dig this amp!


klon free since 2009
Gold Supporting Member
I owned a Rambler for about four years, sold it and regretted it ever since. I owned a Mercury and sold it to fund the purchase of another Rambler but got cold feet and put the money in the bank. I'll follow up when the time is better for me but I can tell you that you will not be sorry with any Carr amp. They are built to gig for a lifetime and sound so damn good for blues. Add a pedal and they go anywhere. The Rambler is very fine.


World Crass Guitarist
Gold Supporting Member
sorry for the hijack but it applies . Anyone able to comment on how much louder and cleaner the Viceroy is in relation to the Rambler?
I loved the Rambler I played in a store but was a little put off by the breakup in the bass on some low notes only

Flyin' Brian

Silver Supporting Member
I'm in love with my Victoria Regal II, but I'll tell you that I'd love to have a Rambler as a stablemate. I absolutely love the Rambler sound. I'd love a Rambler head and a couple of choices for speakers.

The Eristic

Not really. The Rambler has its own sort of vintage gestalt thing going.

First thing that springs to mind is the Fargen Blackbird, which is slightly less expensive, but not quite the same thing. More identifiably BF Deluxe-esque, but with much more coherent lows (than a typical Deluxe) and a bit cleaner.

Tone King Imperial, maybe? A little brighter, more raw sounding, but still phenomenal. Would probably cost you about the same, though.

esoteric pete

:BluesBros Pete, I'm looking your way on this thread
yes, yes!

i own a rambler 3 years running now, almost 4. its a spectacular amp is you are looking for THAT tone. for me, its perfect. beautiful, buttery tones, very stout, fat overdriven, and great reverb.

i also own a mercury, and its also a very awesome amp. i use it for home use mostly, but if you crank it, with the boost all the way up, i 8w mode, it has some really cool stuff going on. again, great 'verb.

the rambler is an amp i feel comfortable recommending to someone without even hearing it. its that good IMO. all steve's amps are.


Platinum Supporting Member
I have a carr rambler and will never let it go...Best clean amp ever!!!!!LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

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