Sold Carr Lincoln with tweed upgrade - DEAL $2,095


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This pains me greatly, but I must let go of this awesome amplifier to help fund a startup business I'm involved in.

Purchased this amp new earlier this year, with the tweed upgrade, and I've loved every minute playing it. Hasn't left my home, and very low playing hours due to my work schedule. The amp is virtually BRAND NEW - no issues at all, cosmetically or functionally.

You have probably heard already....but this amp covers a LOT of ground. Beautiful Vox style cleans on channel one that can be pushed to overdrive if cranked. Then channel two brings some of the best distortion tones one could ask for...from classic to heavy rock. Just fantastic thick, saturated lead tones at ALL volume levels. There is also a boost on channel two.

Amp will come professionally packed and will include the footswitch and manual.

Letting it go for $2,095 shipped and paypal included, anywhere in the US. Heck of a deal for a basically new amplifier.

The pics:

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