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Sold Carr Merc V


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Just a vicious little amp...both in volume & tone. I only play solo at home and for 16 watts, it made me wonder why anyone would ever want more watts at home?? However for some insane reason, it led me to put a 100 watt Plexi and a G12H55 loaded 4x12 in my basement anyway...sick fun! This has sat ever since and is like new with just a few hours on it.

I bought a double-padded Studio Slips clamshell case in anticipation of taking it out of the house but never did...included in sale :)

$2350 PayPal’d and Shipped Continental US

The new Carr Mercury V amplifier is the latest offering from Carr Amplification, and is essentially a higher wattage, British flavored rendition of their stellar Skylark amp. This new version of the much loved Mercury comes with an improved feature set over the previous version that is, to be quite honest, darn well impressive. But let us get to the specifics just a bit later...

This new Mercury V really is a new amp altogether. It only shares the basic concept of the previous Mercury:

  • Medium to Low powered amp
  • Built in Attenuator
  • Reverb
  • Full Feature Set
Other than that, it's changed quite a bit. While the original Mercury was powered by an EL34, it was a single ended amp, meaning it had a lot of the single ended qualities of a Champ type amp. This version is now powered by dual 6V6 Class A power section giving it a more British feel than before, and at 16 watts, more power as well. When the attenuator is engaged, you drop to 4 watts, where you can vary the output from 4 down to 0 watts.

There's also many vintage Marshall vintage things about the new Mercury. It has two volumes volumes, one high (treble) frequency volume, and one lower (darker) frequency volume. There's also a toggle switch that changes the structure of the input signal through the volumes. When it's up, they are running in parallel, so they're working in conjunction with each other going into the amp. If you have a darker guitar you can add more highs here, and vice versa if you have a bright guitar. When the toggle switch is in the down position, the two volumes are running in series where one drives the other to increase the gain. Very nice!

There's also a 3 position boost switch that effects the overall gain of the amp.

  • Position 1: -12 db
  • Position 2: -6 db
  • Position 3: Full Blast

All handwired, true point to point construction
16 Watts (full output) 4 watts down to Zero w/ built in attenuator
Power Tubes: 2x6V6, Preamp Tubes: 4x12AX7
Built-in switchable attenuator 16/4 to 0 watts
Dual Volume controls – Classic Parallel or Modded Series
3 Position Boost switch - British 60s thru 90s tube overdrive
Analysis Plus and Transparent cable
3 Band Tone Stack – Treble, Mid, Bass
Recording/PA Line Out
Celestion Creamback M-65 12” speaker
Custom Carr Transformers
All North Carolina sold yellow pine cabinet w/ dovetailed joints
Tube driven Spring Reverb
Dims & Weight: 21" W by 17" H by 10" D, 41 lbs

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Magnets And Melodies

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If I didn’t already have one I’d buy this. I recommend them to everyone. Best do it all amp I’ve owned, definitely a deserted island amp. GLWS.


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Geno...so cool to see you pop up here!

Yes, it’s a mystifying amp when you hear what comes out of it for being such a little combo. It took a 100watt Plexi and a 50 watt Two-Rock CLRS Combo to allow me to remove it from my music room...

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